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Author: Daniel Budde II (All RIAForge projects by this author)
Last Updated: December 18, 2012 7:09 AM
Version: 1.02
Views: 27,082
Downloads: 1,532
License: GPL (GNU General Public License)


A PDF manipulation CFC library that allows you to add various text, image and shape objects to a PDF. The library also supports opening existing PDF files and reading them into the PDF you are manipulating. This project uses Bruno Lowagie's java iText library to perform the PDF manipulations, which has been included in ColdFusion since CFMX. For further information, please download and read the documentation.

The purpose of this library is to provide a ColdFusion native set of components to use and to remove some of the overhead of learning the iText library. There are many convenience methods and internally handled method calls to make it easier to create PDF documents.

This library is more for creating large documents from scratch and having precise control of the output. This is helpful when using an existing PDF document and inserting information into a form in the document where (using 'cfpdf' or 'cfpdfform') is not a practical option and 'cfdocument' is unable to create a document exactly as you want it to appear.

After using this library extensively for a couple years now and not receiving any real feedback, I am moving the library out of Beta. I am still willing to take feature requests and bug fixes, so please let me know if you have any (pdfIT[at]cfapplication.com).

-Produce PDF documents from existing documents or from scratch without the need to learn iText.
-Lots of examples and explanations in the documentation.
-Output PDF documents to a file, binary object or directly to the browser.
-Current release now adds support for Barcodes and Lists.
-Tiff utilities (isTiff, isMultipageTiff, tiffSplit, tiffExtract, tiffToPDF) with focus on working with scanned/faxed documents
-Direct access to iText object and ability to make direct method calls through CFC onMissingMethod.

-Table of Contents
-Forms/Form Fields/Annotations
-Ability to read in forms with pages imported from existing documents.

Last Update:

This update includes:

-Ability to output to File, Binary object or Browser
-Tiff utilities (isTiff, isMultipageTiff, tiffSplit, tiffExtract, tiffToPDF) with focus on working with scanned/faxed documents
-Convenience methods for direct access to the underlying iText objects and the ability to call the iText methods directly on the CFC wrapper.


ColdFusion 8+

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